What is Counselling?



If you are visiting this page, then it probably means you are considering having therapy for an issue that

you are finding difficult. Before I go on, I want to acknowledge that this is a big step you are taking.

I am very sorry that you are feeling the way you do and it is brave of you to reach out. I hope I can help. 

Our time together is more than talking therapy. It is the two of us, in a safe place where you can share your thoughts and the feelings without judgement. It is a combined effort to give you back a sense of control to find meaning and purpose once again.

There are many different types of therapy available, and unless you have a good understanding of the

differences, it can be hard to know which type of therapist you may wish to work with. I have studied many different approaches and theories of psychotherapy in order to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to you in the best way possible. 


So How Does It Work?

We can arrange a free of charge telephone call to talk through why you feel you would like therapy, and if you would like to continue, we can arrange to meet face to face or via zoom for a one off session, fixed number of sessions or open ended.


The relationship is key. Talking to someone about your very deep thoughts and fears can be a challenging experience for some, so it is important you choose the right person to do that with.

From my side, I am looking to see if I am the right therapist for your needs, and if I'm not, I can help you find the right help.

Should you decide that you would like therapy, then we will arrange dates and times going forward. 

Thinking Man

How Much Does It Cost?

Initial assessment: telephone consultation - free of charge or face to face for 40 minutes £20.

Counselling sessions for Individuals is £45.00 (50 minutes per therapeutic session) .

Counselling sessions for couples is £80.00 per hour.

Concession rates can be discussed for those on a low income.

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